Shogun 510 Tipper -6602a.jpg

The Fuso Shogun 510 Tipper is making waves Down Under.

Fuso developed the Shogun 510 for Australian and New Zealand customers who wanted an advanced Japanese truck with more than 500hp and a mountain of torque.

The 510 prime mover became an immediate hit when it was released in late 2021 and now a newly-arrived tipper-spec version is also proving popular.

The 510 Tipper delivers a productivity advantage because it has the lightest tare weight of any tipper in Australia with 500hp or more.

That means more payload on every run.

The secret to the 510’s success is the 13-litre OM471 engine sourced from the Daimler Truck family that belts out 510hp and 2500Nm of torque. The package also includes a smart shifting DT12 fully Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), which is well-suited to the potent engine.

Like all Shoguns, the 510 comes standard with a full suite of active safety features including Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) radar/camera technology which uses camera and radar camera technology to provide enhanced pedestrian sensing capability, making it able to completely stop for a moving pedestrian in the event the driver does not respond to an audible warning. This system is standard on all Shogun models, as is radar adaptive cruise control.

Shoguns also come standard with Active Attention Assist (AAA), a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), a driver airbag, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and a Hill Start System (HSS).