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Stay up to date on the status of your Fuso SHOGUN 24/7 with Fuso CONNECT

Fuso Connect is an advanced telematics platform which ensures you can stay informed about the performance of your fleet with access to information such as vehicle location, driver behaviour and engine status day or night. With this level of data at your fingertips you can feel confident in making informed business decisions and never be left in the dark about your vehicle.

When it comes to your business, Fuso is here to help you get the Job Done.

Why Choose Fuso Connect?

Stay informed 24/7 about the performance of your vehicle fleet with Fuso Connect.

Tracking & Tracing

  • Track the location of your vehicles in real time through Live GPS tracking
  • Utilisation of Geo Fencing system and alerts 
  • Access vehicle trip information reports

Driver Performance

  • Access reports about driver performance including over speeding, harsh braking, acceleration, idle time etc.
  • Evaluate driver scorecard reports to maintain high driving performance standards, resulting in fuel savings, reduced wear on the vehicle and overall profitability

Vehicle Performance & Maintenance

  • Stay on top of the performance of your vehicle fleet and monitor fuel efficiency with performance reports avaliable through Fuso Connect
  • Keep up to date with your vehicle maintanence and servicing with intelligent tracking to increasing the uptime of your vehicle/s

Safety & Security Alerts

  • Have peace of mind, knowing where your vehicles are at all times
  • Keep up to date on the safety of your drivers through driver behaviour alerts 
  • Recieve safety alerts on your vehicle, including: Roll Over Alert, Vehicle Impact Alert and Low Service Brake Air Pressure Alert
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As part of our commitment to keeping your business moving, when you purchase a new Fuso Shogun*, you will receive 12 months complimentary access to Fuso Connect. 

At the expiration of your complimentary period, you have the option to renew your subscription for 12, 24, 36 or 48 months and continue to stay connected with your fleet. 

*Fuso Connect is currently available on new Shogun models only. 



Fuso Connect Features

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Personalised dashboard which displays critical information to the vehicle or fleet operater, providng a high level overview of the vehicle.

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Monitor your fleet vehicle/s entry and exit of a definied vehicle zone through Geofencing.

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Vehicle Location Tracking

Detailed tracking of your vehicles movements along its journey at all times.

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Desktop Portal Access

Access the Fuso Connect Portal for your Desktop 24/7 via the link below.

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Fuso Connect Available on the go

Stay connected and informed about your Daimler Truck fleet on the go with the Daimler Truck Telematics App.

This software is available on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Download the Daimler Truck Australia App Today.




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