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Daimler Truck Financial Services

Daimler Truck Financial Services specialises in innovative financial solutions for Fuso Truck and Bus. Our extensive knowledge of the Australian truck industry means that you'll receive a tailored financial solution that is suited to you and your business.


The Fast Track finance program for business customers gives you the convenience of a streamlined credit approval process with no need for income verification.

As a specialised truck financier, Daimler Truck Financial makes it easier and faster for you to obtain credit on your truck. If you are a property owner, have been self-employed for over 3 years within the same industry and have a clear credit history, you could gain rapid approval for up to $1,000,000.

Fast Track Finance


Daimler Truck Guaranteed Buy Back is a finance solution that lets you take advantage of flexible terms, competitive rates and best of all, a Guaranteed Buy Back at the end of your term.

When your agreement comes to an end, you have the option to traderetain or return your vehicle for the Guaranteed Buy Back amount, subject to fair wear and tear conditions being met.

To find out more, contact a dealer today.

Protecting your investment in a new Fuso has never been easier


Step 1: Choose your Fuso truck

Select the model that best suits your business requirements.


Step 2: Choose your annual kilometres.

Customise your agreement by estimating your annual mileage.


Step 3. Choose your term.

We offer flexible terms ranging from 12-60 months.

Flexible end of contract options

When your agreement comes to an end you have the flexibility to trade, retain or return your vehicle. 


Always want the latest model? 

By choosing to trade, this gives you the ability to upgrade your current truck for a new one and always have the latest in technology, safety and efficiency. 


Still love your current truck and want to keep it?

By choosing to retain, this gives you the flexibility to refinance or payout the remaining Guaranteed Buy Back amount.


Wish to hand back your truck?

By choosing the return option, simply hand back the vehicle and walk away. Subject to the vehicle meeting the Fair Wear & Tear conditions.



Business Loans and Leasing

Asset Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase provides you with flexible options to suit your business requirements.

Finance agreements of this type can be structured with or without a deposit. Payments can be tailored to suit individual needs by opting for a longer term or incorporating an optional final payment. Once the finance agreement has come to an end and the final payment has been made, ownership of the truck will be transferred to the borrower.

Asset Loan

An Asset Loan is commonly referred to as a Chattel Mortgage and is available for business customers where ownership of the truck at the start of the finance agreement is important.

This finance product differs from an Asset Hire Purchase and Finance Lease in that ownership is provided at the start of the agreement in exchange for security taken over the truck. Upon completion of the finance agreement and following final payment, security over the truck is released.

Finance Lease

Finance lease is a rental agreement offering fixed payments with the addition of a residual value that is payable at the end of the agreement.

This product offers immediate use of the truck without a substantial outlay. At the conclusion of the finance agreement the borrower can re-lease or payout final payment and security over the truck is released.

Operating Lease

With an operating lease agreement, your truck is leased to you for an
agreed period.

Your monthly payments are calculated based on the total kilometres you wish to cover and the length of your agreement. With low initial outlay and an optional maintenance cover package, it provides a low risk solution to running your truck.

To find out more about our unique financial solutions, download our product range brochure.

Daimler Truck Financial is a registered business name of Daimler Truck Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd ABN 23 651 056 825 (DTFSAu).

DTFSAu offers finance products for new and used (up to 8 years of age) trucks and buses to approved business customers. Vehicle eligibility applies. All finance products offered subject to terms and conditions and standard credit assessment, lending criteria and fees. DTFSAu makes no representation as to the effect of any financial product on your personal or company tax arrangements. DTFSAu recommends you seek independent financial and taxation advice before entering into any finance agreement.

Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back only available on Asset or Hire Purchase Loans (excluding leasing products) and is subject to vehicle eligibility. Fees and charges of up to $1,440 may apply. Any variation of the underlying loan shall terminate the repurchase agreement and your right thereunder with respect to the Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back *. *Daimler Guaranteed Buy Back is subject to Fair Wear & Tear return conditions & Excess Kilometre charges calculated at $0.15/km in excess of the agreed annual allowance.

Fast Track is restricted to approved business customers financing a new Fuso truck with DTFSAu who hold a current membership with a professional association recognised by DTFSAu. Approval for existing customers subject to existing customer’s current finance with DTFSAu.

Contact an authorised Fuso retailer for further details and vehicle eligibility.



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