Australian test program begins for next-generation Fuso eCanter


Fuso has started an Australian test program for its next-generation all-electric eCanter.

The zero-emission truck has begun an intense testing regime that will see it running day and night completing five double shifts a week on a loop near Melbourne.        

Fuso first launched the eCanter in Australia in 2021 and units have been racking up miles with leading Australian transport operators who value a quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) electric truck that has the backing of the Daimler Truck network.

The local test regime for the new model comes in addition to a massive global Fuso eCanter test program. Fitted with a tray, the wide-cab eCanter will run half of its testing with no load and half with a full load at its Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of six tonnes.

“Fuso is determined to ensure we vigorously test our trucks, diesel or electric, in local conditions, and that is what our customers expect from an OEM with a long history in Australia,” says Fuso Truck and Bus Australia Vice President, Alex Müller.

“The zero emission eCanter is a serious workhorse, so we need to be absolutely sure it can toil hard around the clock in rail, hail and shine on Australian roads before we hand it over to our customers,” Mr Müller concludes.

He adds that the test data will also enable Fuso to work with its customers to plan how the eCanter can be utlised in their operations when production vehicles are made available.  

The existing eCanter was the first electric light truck with active emergency braking and the next model extends this safety advantage even further with additional advanced safety features. Other new features include Power Take Off capability and an efficient new eAxle design.