CBK Mowing


A Townsville-based lawn care business has highlighted the value of great customer service.
CBK Mowing’s Tyrone Cashin sat down with Sean Colgrave at Daimler Trucks Townsville (RGM) to discuss building a custom truck that would improve the efficiency of his business.
The idea was to cut down on the time it takes to load and unload equipment between jobs. He was also keen that the set-up would project a professional image.

The Daimler Trucks Townville team worked with the customer to come up with a specific design that would suit his needs. The custom Canter 515 Wide Cab has been extremely well received and Tyrone commented that it had proven to be a “game changer” for his business.
He was thrilled with the truck, which can even be driven on a car licence, but was also impressed by the whole process. “Right off the top, RGM provided some of the best customer service I have ever experienced,” he says. At no stage did I have any doubts that the team could deliver on the requirements of this truck."

The special Canter carries two zero-turn mowers, with brush cutters and whippers within easy reach, storage for push mowers, a full-width toolbox housing saw batteries and hand tools, quick-disconnect spray pack and blower holders and an easy to use bi-fold loading ramp.
The body even has the capacity to convert into a green-waste carrier with the addition of a tarp and hungry boards, allowing the business owner to service a variety of jobs and clients.