Central Asphalt Group gets the Job Done with two new Shoguns


Central Asphalt Group is a Melbourne-based family operation that has just bought its first Fuso Shoguns.

Specialising in asphalt, the team covers everything from runway sections at Melbourne Airport and supermarket carparks as well as a large amount of road repairs and resurfacing. Anyone who has spent time on Victorian roads recently knows there is plenty of work to be done.

David Speranza runs Central Asphalt Group with the help of his daughters Courtney and Taylor. Courtney still gets out and drives the trucks from time to time.

While most of their heavy trucks are from rival brands, Central Asphalt Group decided to try the Fuso Shogun 510 when it needed a couple of asphalt semi trucks. It was drawn by “bang for the buck” delivered by a robust Japanese truck such as the Shogun packing a 510hp 13-litre engine.

They approached Daimler Trucks Laverton’s Trent Cauchi, who has sold a number of Shoguns in this application.

The trucks carry hot asphalt in special trailers. Instead of tipping the material out on an angle, these feature a moving floor on the bottom of the trailer, like a conveyor belt, which pushes the asphalt out the back of the trailer.

Trent reports back that Central Asphalt Group is delighted with its Shogun 510 trucks, which are easy to drive and handle the job with ease.