Giant Spider Released in Tokyo


Fuso has introduced an imposing concept truck inspired by a giant spider. The big black and red rig was built to wow crowds at the Tokyo Motor Show that started last week and features boom cranes and attachments that can dig, drill, grab and bite.

Just like its arachnid inspiration, the Fuso Spider has eight limbs. However, in this case, four are legs and four are arms. The legs are outriggers that extend out from the truck body to give it maximum stability. The arms are articulated cranes that can be fitted with a wide range of attachments to carry out almost any task and are capable of moving up and down as well as side to side.

Fuso fitted the show truck with a post-hole auger, a bale grapple, a log grapple and a bucket that could be used to pick up wood chips, dirt or other material. It also features a dramatic black and red paint scheme that could be a little too similar to a redback spider for Australians. Adding to the Spider’s presence is a robust bullbar and four large driving lights.

The Spider is based on the Japanese version of the Australian FV Heavy truck, which is called the Super Great in its home market. It runs a six-cylinder diesel engine linked up to a fully automated transmission. At this stage, the Spider is a one-off concept truck and there are no plans to put it into production.

Fuso also showed off a highway cargo hauling version of the Super Great truck sporting a range of fuel saving measures as well as a clever diesel Canter Eco-Hybrid that can be used to supply power in the case of a blackout.

The Canter Eco-Hybrid Power Supply Vehicle concept truck is capable of supplying power in emergency situations by using its hybrid motor as a generator. Just like a standard Canter Eco-Hybrid sold in Australia, the Power Supply Vehicle features both a 3.0-litre diesel engine and an electric motor that is fed by an advanced lithium ion battery pack. Engineers have modified the technology so the engine can run as a generator and supply enough power for a standard home.