You've Got Two Options When It Comes To Choosing Your Next Canter.

If you’re after a truck with a body that’s tailor made to your exact specifications, our range of cab chassis’ are a good place to start. On the other hand, if you’ve got a straight forward job and need a quality truck and body as soon as possible, our Built Ready range will have you sorted in no time.

Canter Cab Chassis

  • Image of cab chassis

    Customisable Body

4x2 Range

Image of 4x2 Range vehicle

Australia's safest light duty truck.

Crew Cab Range

Image of Crew Cab Range vehicle

Sit up to 7 people in comfort in Australia's safest light duty truck.

4x4 Range

Image of 4x4 Range vehicle

Our range of 4x4's are perfect for off-road driving or applications requiring extra ground clearance and traction.

Canter Built Ready

  • Image of cab chassis

    Complete Truck


Image of Pantech vehicle

With its superior handling and maneuverability, the Built Ready Canter Pantech comes ready to deliver.

Alloy Tray

Image of Alloy Tray vehicle

If you’re a builder, plumber or landscaper, our Built Ready Canter Alloy Trays have everything you need.


Image of Tipper vehicle

Whether you’re in the business of transporting rock, sand or stone, our range of Built Ready Canter Factory Tippers come prepared for the challenge.