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Border Express adds 78 new Fuso trucks to their fleet

Australian logistics leader Border Express is investing $13 million in a Pick Up and Delivery (PUD) fleet upgrade that includes the addition of 78 new Fuso trucks. The initiative consists of 60 Shogun heavy duty trucks, 15 small Canters and three medium duty Fighters.

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Shogun gets connected with Fuso Connect Telematics

The heavy-duty Fuso Shogun now comes with advanced telematics to help customers get the most out of their trucks. Fuso has launched its comprehensive Fuso Connect telematics system, which is now standard on Shogun models and includes a free 12-month subscription.

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CBK Mowing

A Townsville-based lawn care business has highlighted the value of great customer service. CBK Mowing’s Tyrone Cashin sat down with Sean Colgrave at Daimler Trucks Townsville (RGM) to discuss building a custom truck that would improve the efficiency of his business.

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100 Eurocold Fuso .jpg

Celebrating the delivery of Eurocold's 100th Fuso Truck

Eurocold has taken delivery of its 100th Fuso truck. The Brisbane-based company builds industry-leading refrigerated equipment for sale or long-term rental, using the best trucks and refrigeration technology.

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Central Asphalt Group gets the Job Done with two new Shoguns

Central Asphalt Group is a Melbourne-based family operation that has just bought its first Fuso Shoguns. Specialising in asphalt, the team covers everything from runway sections at Melbourne Airport and supermarket carparks as well as a large amount of road repairs and resurfacing. Anyone who has spent time on Victorian roads recently knows there is plenty of work to be done.

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Martin’s Albury adds two new-generation Fuso Rosas to its fleet

Martin’s Albury has added two new-generation Fuso Rosa buses to its diverse fleet. The premium transport provider was established in 1931 and has grown to feature a fleet of close to 70 coaches and buses.

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Shogun Seafood Capture.PNG

Tasman Star Seafood Market

The Fuso Shogun 510 often gets the attention thanks to its muscular 13-litre engine with 510hp and 2500Nm, but other members of the Shogun family are just as impressive in their own way. Take this Fuso Shogun 400 8x4 recently delivered to Tasman Star Seafood Market from nearby Daimler Trucks Gold Coast. Locals tell us that this is the place to buy seafood, so it is only appropriate that the catch of the day is delivered with a quality truck.

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Arrow acceleration aided by Daimler Truck trio

Arrow Transport and Logistics recently looked to Europe, Japan and the United States for trucks to grow its fleet. Managing Director, Craig Webster, has long been a loyal Mercedes-Benz Trucks customer, but due to supply constraints, the brand was not able to deliver all the Actros units Arrow Transport and Logistics needed.

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Shogun 510 Tipper -6602a.jpg

Shogun 510 Tipper making waves Down Under

The Fuso Shogun 510 Tipper is making waves Down Under. Fuso developed the Shogun 510 for Australian and New Zealand customers who wanted an advanced Japanese truck with more than 500hp and a mountain of torque. The 510 prime mover became an immediate hit when it was released in late 2021 and now a newly-arrived tipper-spec version is also proving popular.

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